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Lawn And Garden Services Sunshine Coast

Garden Care Service Sunshine Coast QLD
Lawn Care Service On The Sunshine Coast

For lawn and garden services Sunshine Coast you can’t go past our property maintenance gardeners who are all super passionate about their work. Our gardeners know the frustrations and challenges faced in looking after a yard, not to mention just how time consuming it can also be! For this reason we’re happy to offer you a variety of services that will give you your weekends back and leave you with lawns and gardens you can be proud of.

You can call (07) 5317 6245 and speak to us anytime about lawn and garden services Sunshine Coast, or you can book online here.

1. Mowing Services

When your lawn looks good, we feel as proud as you do! Our mowing service specialists know their craft well and love the feeling of satisfaction they get from a job well done. We can provide a no fuss lawn mowing service, from just a one-off occasion to a regular visit which also includes edge trimming and removal of clippings. Ongoing care results in a healthy lawn, free of weeds and prickles, which in turn encourages your children to play outside more. Your yard will look great all year round so let us help you achieve a lawn that will be the envy of your street!

Lawn Mowing Services Sunshine Coast

2. Whipper Snipper And Trimming Services

Whipper Snippering And Trimming Service Sunshine Coast

Whipper snipper and trimming chores are yet another time consuming job that eats into your weekend hours – time that you’d rather spend chilling with your mates or enjoying a day at the beach with the family. Get in touch with a Sunshine Coast handyman who is fully trained to handle all manner of yard work for you, and is professional and respectful. We deliver awesome customer service and will be happy to provide you with a free quote.

3. Edging Services

Beautifully designed garden edging will add appeal and value to your property. It defines your pathways, keeps the grass from encroaching into your garden beds, and makes mowing and whipper snipping a breeze. There are various profiles and colours … something for every taste. The benefits of edging are numerous, although the popular reasons include the creation of a mower strip and retention of your garden soil, mulch, bark, gravel and decorative stones. Improve and enhance your landscaping with the simple addition of garden edging. You can get you in touch with one of our home improvement professionals who will soon have your gardens and pathways edged and looking amazing.

Lawn Edging Service Sunshine Coast

4. Yard Clean-Ups And Rubbish Removal

Yard Clean Up Service Sunshine Coast
Rubbish Removal Services Sunshine Coast

Is your yard a jungle? Are you faced with the daunting task of clearing out years of growth? Our property maintenance handyman has a service solution to suit your needs and budget and to deal with your yard rubbish removal and clean-ups. We can clear those out-of-control and overgrown areas of your yard, and have your property looking tip-top again in no time. Get your outside space back so it can be used again for entertaining and family time. We will remove all green waste and dump any other rubbish you’d been meaning to throw out. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and allow us to provide you with an up-front quote for the work.

5. Weed Control Service

Weeds can be a serious problem. They are time-consuming to control and are destructive for your lawn. Our weed control handyman can treat common weeds as well as those that are harder to treat, and we can also prevent them germinating and coming back year after year. Left untreated, they will soon take over your lawn. With a regular program in place, you can sit back, relax and leave all the hard work to our expert home maintenance people who pride themselves on their quality service. Call today!

Weed Spraying Service Sunshine Coast QLD

6. Hedging Service

Hedging Service Sunshine Coast QLD

Are work commitments preventing you from keeping up with all those garden tasks you need to do but never find the time for? We understand your frustration! If you have hedging on that long list of chores to do, we can certainly help you with that. Our home maintenance handyman will soon have those hedges looking neat and tidy and we will take away the clippings too. Call today for an obligation-free up-front quote.

7. Pruning Service

Are you looking for some help with pruning the hedges, bushes and shrubs in your garden? Your hedges and shrubs will benefit from regular pruning to ensure they look their best all year round. No need to search further than our reliable handyman gardener who will take care of this time consuming and sometimes overwhelming task for you. We firstly suggest an on-site visit to enable us to give you an accurate up-front quote so there are no nasty surprises at the end of your job. Beautiful manicured shrubs and hedges are just a phone call away.

Pruning Services Sunshine Coast

8. Minor Tree Lopping Service

Minor Tree Lopping Service Sunshine Coast

Our property maintenance handyman can provide specialist minor tree lopping services on the Sunshine Coast and Hinterland. We focus on nurturing customer satisfaction, regardless of the scale or nature of the job at hand. Our team is well trained to handle all minor tree lopping services with the utmost competence, including removal of the trimmings afterwards. Just give us a call to arrange an onsite visit and obligation-free quote at a time to suit you.

9. Commercial Garden And Lawn Services

We know that a commercial or public garden is an important part of the ‘first impression’ for your customers and site visitors. It’s important to keep the outside areas of your business premises looking neat and tidy at all times. This you will no doubt agree with, but do you find maintaining the gardens and outdoor areas of your commercial business a task of epic proportions? Our property maintenance handyman is experienced in maintaining commercial and council gardens to a high standard and takes pride in his work. Whether it’s a one-off visit or a regular service you’re seeking, we can provide a high standard of commercial garden and lawn services.

Commercial Lawn Care Sunshine Coast

10. Mulching Service

Garden Mulching Service Sunshine Coast

Mulch is a mixture of organic matter that helps plants thrive. It can contain anything from kitchen and garden waste to wood chips, shredded bark, wool and grass clippings. However, mulching is hard work and time-consuming to spread, especially if you have a large block of land! Let us make this job simple for you. Our handyman services can do mulching for residential and commercial properties right across the Sunshine Coast. Contact us today to find out how we can help with your mulching needs.

11. Garden Care Service

Our gardeners are passionate about the work they do but appreciate how time consuming and irritating it can be for you to keep your garden neat, tidy and just the way you like it. Our garden care experts understand this, which is the reason we proudly offer our services to make the task easier and more efficient for you. We offer a complete green property maintenance service to both domestic and commercial customers. Whether it be a garden make-over, pruning, planting, mulching or other odd jobs, call today to chat to us about your requirements.

Garden Services Sunshine Coast

12. Lawn Fertilising Service

Lawn Fertilising Service Sunshine Coast

A healthy, well-maintained lawn is more than just pleasing to the eye. Like any living thing, your lawn will look its best when it is properly taken care of. Just like us, your lawn needs to be fed regularly and with the right foods. Did you know a properly maintained lawn is said to add 15% to a home’s value?Regular lawn fertilising with a good quality, well-balanced fertiliser will maintain its vibrancy, good looks and health. Trying to select the right lawn fertiliser for your precious patch of green can be confusing. You may run the risk of getting the formula wrong which can result in your lawn ending up looking worse than before you started. That’s why your best option is to contact our local handyman gardeners and leave it to their expertise to take care of the whole process for you.

13. Lawn Aeration Service

As the name suggests, aeration allows your lawn to breath, allowing water and fertiliser to filter through to the roots more easily. There is usually enough downward pressure in heavy traffic areas in your yard to cause a compacted layer of soil and thatch, which in turn blocks the exchange of oxygen and CO2 which then effectively starves the roots. When you aerate your lawn it allows fresh air to get into the roots which helps to promote a greener and healthier lawn requiring less maintenance. So, when you’re ready to have the best looking lawn in the street, call us to organise a lawn aeration specialist home handyman to get the job done for you.

Lawn Aeration Service Sunshine Coast

14. Turf Laying Service

Turf Laying Services Sunshine Coast QLD

We take pride in what we do and believe that every job we undertake will be done no differently to if we were laying the turf in our own backyards. We stand by our great workmanship, and attention to detail is our mantra. So if it’s a full allotment of turf for your new home or just to replace some very sad areas of your existing grass, we will ensure that your turf laying project is completed to the very highest of standards by our local handyman. Contact us today to have a chat and to discover what we can offer.

15. Lawn Levelling Service

There may be a number of reasons why you might be seeking a lawn levelling service. It might be in preparation for the laying of some new turf in an uneven backyard. This situation is not aesthetically pleasing and it makes lawn mowing much more difficult for you. Besides this, builders sometimes leave rough, uneven ground on the block of a newly built home, and this needs to be levelled before your new turf can be laid. Whatever the reason, why not hire a handyman to do the hard work for you? A quick call will put you in touch with us and will get the ball rolling!

Lawn Levelling Service Sunshine Coast

16. Top Dressing Service

Lawn Top Dressing Service Sunshine Coast

A lot of us living here on the Sunshine Coast have very sandy soils which are well aerated and free draining. The downside is that it has no capacity to retain moisture or nutrients so top dressing from time to time will have benefits. Regardless of your soil type, top dressing can revitalize, feed and boost your lawn for healthier looking grass and soil. Generally, top dressing is also done to level and correct uneven areas and fill holes in the lawn. Top dressing can also add organic nutrients which will correct poor soil condition. A lacklustre lawn will gain many benefits by top dressing, two of them being that it helps increase nutrient retention and improve drainage. For the best results, it is important to seek expert assistance to maintain a beautiful lawn. A call to our handyman gardener will set you on track to do this!

17. Watering Service

Don’t let your precious plants and lawns prevent you from going out of town. Even a day or two without enough water can make your potted house plants droop and leave your garden beds and lawn crying out for a drink! You need a local handyman service who can ensure your valuable plants and lawn are kept well-hydrated. Trust a Sunshine Coast handyman to take care of things while you’re busy. Whether you’re having a well-deserved holiday or you’re frequently on the road for work, our service can assist in maintaining your plants’ watering schedule for you.

Garden Watering Service Sunshine Coast

18. Installation Of Irrigation Systems

Irrigation System Installation Sunshine Coast

Installation of an irrigation system can be a daunting task if you haven’t tackled one before. Our home handyman services can quote, install and maintain your domestic irrigation system for you. From household lawn or garden watering to a greenhouse irrigation system, we have you covered. With the long spells of dry weather we experience in South-East Queensland, water efficiency is our number one priority. There’s no need to drag sprinklers around your yard, or put up with dry sections throughout your lawn or garden. A well-designed irrigation system can save a lot of time and money. Contact us for a chat and a free quote.

18. Yard Clean Up Service

There just aren’t enough hours in the day, are there? The demands of family life and work commitments take priority of course, but your list of household chores continue to grow longer and longer! Often, the inside jobs get attention first. The yard usually gets left to last, but the truth is the longer you leave it the worse it becomes. It doesn’t have to be like this … why not touch base with our Sunshine Coast handyman who is happy to do those yard clean ups for you. Our backyard service specialists have the expertise and skills to get your yard back in order in no time! Whether it’s leaf removal, weed removal, or general garden waste, your home handyman will work with you to provide the service you want.

Yard Clean Up Services Sunshine Coast QLD

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge a call out fee?
No, we don't charge a call out fee to visit you to discuss what job you need done. Once we get there and assess your needs, we'll provide a fixed upfront quote for your approval before any work starts. You approve the price and the work before we even pick up a tool.
How soon can you get here?
We're always incredibly booked in advance, however in most cases, we can carry out repairs and small maintenance jobs within a week. Time estimates for larger projects is on a case by case basis. If your job is urgent, we always aim to visit you as quick as we possibly can.
What are your payment terms and methods?
We can accept cash, cheque, Visa, Mastercard and online EFT. Payment is required upon completion of work.
How much will my job cost?
Every job and property is different. We can sometimes provide estimates over the phone when given specific details, however to provide the best advice and accurate pricing, a site visit is recommended. There's no call out fee so it costs you nothing to visit. After we have assessed the work you need done, we can then provide you a detailed, accurate quote for your approval before any work starts.
Where are you based? Are you local?
We're a small, local, family owned business based in Maroochydore QLD. We live here, like you, so you can be assured of prompt and friendly handyman services from locals.

Are small jobs okay?
For sure! Actually, we specialise in small handyman type jobs anyway. Because we don't charge a call out fee, it makes sure your small jobs are affordable.
What is the maximum value of work you are licensed to carry out?
All Sorts Of Jobs is licensed to carry out building repair, maintenance and installation services up to $3,300 including GST.
Do you offer free quotes?
Yes, our quotes are free with no obligation. You'll always be provided with a fixed upfront quote before any work commences so you stay in control of all costs.
Do I need to purchase the materials for my job myself?
You can, however it's not at all necessary. We have a reasonable level of stock on hand and what we don't have, we can easily get. We can order, pick up, deliver and install any item for your project saving you the run-around.
What areas do you serve?
We carry out handyman services across the entire Sunshine Coast region, covering all major areas including Noosa, Peregian Springs, Peregian Beach, Coolum Beach, Maroochydore, Mooloolaba, Buderim, Sippy Downs, Mountain Creek, Currimundi, Caloundra, Glenview, Beerwah, Landsborough, Montville, Maleny and everywhere in between. If you're not sure if we service your area, give us a call today on (07) 5317 6245.

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